Between Coffee and Koreans


  1. One thing that surprised me was that, Korean people don’t drink coffee in the morning, coffee shops are quite empty until 3pm and gets mega busy from 4pm…………In Seoul, coffee is something you drink when you meet people or after a meal –
  2. Although coffee wasn’t introduced to Korea until the late 19th century, it has become of the peninsula’s most popular drinks
  3. Fashionable coffee shops grow rapidly in Korea. Fascinating decor, eyes popping style, but not all of the baristas have a coffe maker background
  4. How coffee invades Korea : Only premix coffee available –> vending machine made coffee –> fascinating caoffee shops (domestic/international chains)
  5. Most cafes will  let you relax and drink the coffee there, or provide a paper cup for take out.  Many places will also give a discount for takeaway coffee, so be sure to check.
  6. Coffee shop is a place to hangout with friends.. Hang out in a famous coffee chains reflect a modern minded people (such as : starbucks). So it doesn;t surprising when you grab your coffee and need a quite relaxation in the afternoon, but all what you’ve got is a crowded coffee shop.
  7. FOR SNACKING, most coffee shops (even starbucks) provides TOMATOES in their displaying racks
  8. Most favorite coffee choice : Americano. Either hot  or iced, they prefer a lighter version  than espresso.
  9. Koreans prefer a soft taste of coffees.
  10. Coffee price more expensive than the price of major meals

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