Yoomilgwa (Yoogwa) – Korean Traditional Confectionary

Yugwa or yumilgwa is a variety of hangwa, or  Korean traditional confectionary, made by deep-frying a mixture of grain flour and honey. The name is now commonly shortened to yugwa, but the original name is yumilgwa after the cooking procedure: frying and baking. It is generally divided into two categories: yakgwa (약과) and gangjeong (강정).

In the Goryeo era, only royal family and the yangban peoples (the blue-blooded people) who can ate this snack. Since its very expensive price, people nowadays also only eat this snack for a celebration (myeongjeol) such as Lunar New Year to give as presents.


  • Yakgwa (약과), fried sweet dessert made from a pressed mixture of kneaded wheat flour, sesame oil, and honey. The name comes from the fact that it is made with honey; yak refers to honey in Korean just like yaksik (a type of tteok, rice cake), and yakju (rice wine).
  • Gangjeong (강정), fried dessert made from dried dough of rice flour

In the past time, Hongcha or black tea was really hard to find. So that peoples usually drink persimmon tea or berries tea to accompany the Han-Gwa snacking times.


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